Welcome! My name is Denise Rachel, and pianos are my business. A dedicated musician, I was drawn to my profession over thirty five years ago by my love of music and musicians. The goal of The Piano Workshop is to further the enjoyment of music, both professional and amateur, by providing complete piano care.

As part of my standard service call, I offer practical advice on how to help your instrument reach its highest potential in performance and beauty. This may involve repair, reconditioning, regulation, voicing, and tuning.

An exciting part of my work is rebuilding older fine instruments. When major work is needed, the piano is delivered to my humidity controlled shop where it can be fitted with a new sounding board, new pinblock, new strings, new action parts, or whatever is needed. None of the work is contracted out to other shops without the owner’s advance consent.

Since 1976, I’ve been a registered member of the Piano Technicians Guild,
and adhere to the code of ethics established by that guild.

I am a truly independent technician, fostering no ties with any manufacturing or retail establishment

Please contact me for a resume of my work history and professional references.

Denise preparing to remove plate

Denise sawing out the old sounding board

Assistant Saban Poole removing sounding board

Drilling new pinblock holes

Plate being lowered over new sounding board and pinblock

New sounding board glued in place

I enjoy sharing my work with others.  Music teachers and their         students are invited into my shop to learn how pianos work.     Exploring the inner workings of pianos makes a great field trip!        

Photography by Genevieve Poole

PianoTuning, etc.